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 Patient Experiences

E.W. Surrey

"I started seeing Gretchen in August 2017 for fertility issues. Gretchen is very easy to talk to, especially as it is a sensitive subject. Since having acupuncture I have noticed being more "in tune" with my body. My husband and I will be starting IVF soon and I will carry on seeing Gretchen throughout. I would highly recommend Gretchen, even to those sceptical about acupuncture. Don't knock it until you have tried it"! A.W. Surrey

N.G, Surrey

"I have been seeing Gretchen for acupuncture for about 18 months. I went initially for hormone related problems which have improved significantly over the course of treatments with less pain. I have Bipolar Disorder and have found treatments helpful to manage  some anxiety and distress at times, and the period of depression I have been experiencing, plus helping with withdrawal symptoms from some medication.  I have felt my strength returning and more myself again after being in a difficult place at the start. I feel that Gretchen's experience and skill means that she always gives the right treatment on a very individual basis according to what is required at the time through her sensitive listening, holistic, and intuitive approach.

N. G. Surrey


Fiona Henderson, Ascot

Gretchen has been treating my cocker spaniel (8 years old) with acupuncture for over almost 2 years now.

Bailey fell down a 40ft slope when he was just 2 years old. For years following he had a recurring injury which despite MRI scans and endless vet trips no one was able to detect what was wrong with him. He would start obsessively licking his back leg until it bled, and refuse to move. Even growling at us. He would then have really strong medication to relax him with no walks for 7 days plus 24hrs per day use of a veterinary cone. Once rested, Bailey would be fine again for few months until the cycle started again.

After almost 6 years of this stressful injury cycle, a friend recommended we try acupuncture. And we couldn’t be happier to have found Gretchen. Bailey is quite a shy dog but he loves his session with Gretchen. Straight up on the sofa and onto his back as soon as she arrives!

At first his sessions were weekly but he responded so well to treatment he now only has monthly sessions which are less than 40 mins.

We couldn’t recommend Gretchen more highly. The results speak for themselves; our much loved family pet is now the picture of health.


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